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Rust for Noobs servers are 'for Noobs' because of the server settings. Servers have reduced upkeep (50%), larger map-sizes, a few minicopters spawn on roads and rowboats on shore. Noob is also not referred to as 'Newbie' but rather 'Someone that is bad at the game' - which can be an actual newbie, but Rust has so much to it that it can also be someone with 3k hours that has only spent time building or roleplaying and has 0 game-sense or gun control - no matter the hours we are all still learning, evolving and trying to become better. We (RustForNoobs) strive to deliver the best experience out there with active non-playing admins located in different time zones for your convenience.

Our servers run on 5Ghz processors, 10Gbps Uplink and Enterprise DDos protection. Everything is powered by


RustForNoobs.com | Mondays | Solo/Duo | EU


RustForNoobs.com | Mondays | Main | EU


RustForNoobs.com | Mondays | Solo Duo Trio | EU


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